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Each Other’s Creation

Yesterday morning I ran four miles, and when I was done I felt I could have easily run farther. It had rained again during the night and the atmosphere was heavy and moist, with a light fog. I kept a slow pace, free and easy. This morning I ran about a mile and a quarter in a very strong wind. My pace was still free and easy, but much faster. The street was wet and the clouds were racing, by turns hiding and revealing the moon and the stars. There was no traffic — not a single car, not even one warming up by the curb or in someone’s driveway. And there was no one else running or walking. I had the world all to myself. And of course the world had me. It still does, and always will. We are each other’s creation. I was back in the house by five.

I finished reading the Library of America edition of James Baldwin’s collected essays. If you haven’t already, you might seek it out and immerse yourself in its honest, painful eloquence.

Yes, we are each other’s creation. Myth, belief, fear, denial — and other “united” states.


[ 1441 ]

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  1. This is lovely William and very apt. Running is such a meditative activity

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  2. Laufen, alles, was man trägt fallen lassen, ich meine das Innerliche, ja, auch ich kann mich dabei verlieren…
    Liebe Grüße, Edith

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