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Inside the Egg

When we expect or fear the worst, we increase the chance of it happening, and of making ourselves the instrument that helps bring it about. Observe; go into it carefully; the evidence is all around us.

The same can be said of expecting the best.

Of course, it’s worth asking if we can always, or even possibly, know what’s worst and best.

The most sensible approach is to leave that judgment aside and consciously do as little harm in our daily lives as possible, and to live as simply as possible; and to do that, we must be willing to recognize and understand the difference between our wants and needs.

There are productive habits, and there are destructive habits. Some habits create hunger and war in the world and do damage to the environment. Some habits contribute to a culture of warmth, cooperation, and mutual concern.

Habits, like beliefs, are taught and passed on. That’s why they should be held up to the light and examined, each in its turn.

Life is precious. Part of being human is going deeply into how and why this is so. We’ll be blind to this to the degree that we’re selfish, angry, and acquisitive, and live in a state of friction and tumult born of the things we say and do.


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  1. All of this seems to be true and wise — I no longer know anything for sure. Choices… am I the fiddler or am I the fiddle? Maybe both. What seems certain is that something is bowing and plucking these strings ~

    Easter blessings upon you, treasured friend — another holy day of gratitude for whatever all of this ‘happening’ is about 💜

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  2. Beautiful article yes life is precious and we should focus on our good habits! Thanks for sharing 😊👍

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  3. I needed to hear this wisdom today, William. So deep and true. Happy Easter. Be joyful in this season of rebirth and redemption.

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