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As Simple as This

Age? Health? Good fortune? Whatever the reason, I’ve come to see life this way: there’s no greater wealth than this moment, this breath, and this body. In that light, there can be only one goal, one challenge, one mission worth pursuing: to make what remains of it an act of giving, while wishing absolutely nothing for myself. Call it impossible. Call it a prayer. And though I may forget, or stumble, or fall short, I can think of no better way to express my gratitude. It’s as simple as peeling the next onion, folding the laundry, or watering the plants — perhaps even as simple as writing this.


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  1. Quite wonderful, humble, and generous of spirit

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  2. I’d like possess your wisdom. Read your poetry seems a good beginning.

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  3. Words of wisdom right here! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    I have a blog here as well (https://thoughtsofahuman.home.blog/) where I write articles on our own philosophies, mental well-being, emotions and life in general. I also delve occasionally in thought-provoking short stories which make us think. Do have a look if you can!

    Stay safe and keep writing!

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