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Hypothetically Speaking

If I say something and you disagree, then what I say is my opinion; whereas, if you agree, then what I say is the truth. But must they be either? They weren’t when I was a child, because what I said then wasn’t viewed on such narrow terms. I was trying to express myself, and to communicate as best I could. I wasn’t right and I wasn’t wrong. I was spontaneous, feeling my way — a living, growing member of the human family, learning as I went along. Am I not still? Or must everything I say, including these words, be set in stone? And if so, does your making that judgment limit or benefit you? What does it do for the world?


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Categories: Sweet Sleep and Bare Feet

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10 replies

  1. No, they’re not set in stone. As we grow and change, so does our perception/viewpoint. It just takes courage to change your mind. Many people find security in things staying the same.

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  2. I’m wondering, is there anything that is changeless? Is everything in flux?

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  3. It does nothing for anyone. That’s a fact that can’t be processed. Sad. But your writing is beautiful. 🙂

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  4. today, there is no possible to talking how we want. Whe just to say yes or no, I agree or not. It’s black or white…Talking is no more a land of experience or mistake. Whe must be binary in everything. I think its our death. The death of our imagination and our freedoom to be humans.

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