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Hypothetically Speaking

If I say something and you disagree, then what I say is my opinion; whereas, if you agree, then what I say is the truth. But must they be either? They weren’t when I was a child, because what I said then wasn’t viewed on such narrow terms. I was trying to express myself, and to communicate as best I could. I wasn’t right and I wasn’t wrong. I was spontaneous, feeling my way — a living, growing member of the human family, learning as I went along. Am I not still? Or must everything I say, including these words, be set in stone? And if so, does your making that judgment limit or benefit you? What does it do for the world?


[ 1409 ]

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  1. No, they’re not set in stone. As we grow and change, so does our perception/viewpoint. It just takes courage to change your mind. Many people find security in things staying the same.

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  2. I’m wondering, is there anything that is changeless? Is everything in flux?

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    • If we say yes to the first question, and no to the second, will that change anything?

      If we say we know, or that we think we know, does it mean that we really know?

      Maybe our answer depends on whether we see ourselves as something distinct and apart from everything else, rather than something inseparable.

      And, even then . . .

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  3. It does nothing for anyone. That’s a fact that can’t be processed. Sad. But your writing is beautiful. 🙂

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  4. today, there is no possible to talking how we want. Whe just to say yes or no, I agree or not. It’s black or white…Talking is no more a land of experience or mistake. Whe must be binary in everything. I think its our death. The death of our imagination and our freedoom to be humans.

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