William Michaelian

Poems, Notes, and Drawings

Without Arms

A slow run in the cold starry hour before dawn —

up the hill, past the old couple’s crocuses still closed for the night,

looking like color specialty shops where love models scarves

and little boys wonder about their mother’s soft moles —

to the corner, and then an eastward turn, ’neath streetlights that die

as they burn — proud and solemn, trees without arms —

without arms, without arms, without arms

in the cold starry hour before dawn,

a slow run, at peace,

without arms.


[ 1401 ]

Categories: Sweet Sleep and Bare Feet

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5 replies

  1. That’s lovely –

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  2. The whole poem was beautiful, it’s just the first few words triggered something that was fulfilled in the last couple of lines. Thank you for posting it

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