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Drenched again. Lately I’ve been running on different streets so I won’t know how far I’ve gone. It’s like rubbing someone’s back: a little this way, a little that, following the crevices and seams, and then coming back around again, high, low, to turn again at the mole — what has any of that to do with distance?

Warm rain — sweet sleep — apricot blossoms — someone rings the temple bell.


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  1. Vielleicht bedeutet es beim Laufen einen Zwischenraum zu lassen, da interessiert die Entfernung nicht.
    Im so vor sich hinlaufen schafft man gern auch den inneren Abstand zu sich selbst.
    Irgendwann dann findet man zurück – zum Maulwurfshügel und zu sich selbst…
    Lieber William, danke fürs Nachdenken müssen. Ich mag dein “Lesefutter” immer wieder gern.
    Herzlichst, Edith

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    • Thank you, Edith. I’m glad…. These days, people are so concerned about improvement, performance, and setting public and private records, that something like running becomes a kind of job, or punishment. For example, sometimes we see unhappy runners and walkers, looking as if they are in pain, forcing themselves to go on. Distance and time are more important to them than the simple joy of breathing and movement…. Yes, I like what you say about “inner distance.” There is freedom and joy in that space.

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