William Michaelian

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Death Valley

When I came in from running in the rain and wind,

the house knew exactly where I’d been.

Why didn’t you take me? it said.

I looked around the room — the books, the desk,

the paintings, the photographs, the antique odds and ends.

You’re right, I said. It’s like a desert in here. Death Valley.

And the walls closed in, with all their strange perfume.

They held me close, and pressed me to their lips.

I tried to catch my breath. Ran out again.

Like this.


[ 1389 ]

Categories: Sweet Sleep and Bare Feet

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  1. I think I liked it better when you were walking towards home. We need you here… դանդաղ, դանդաղ.

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  2. Zuhause – alles gehört dazu, weil es zu einem gehört – Haus, Hof, Garten, Wiesen und Wälder ringsum, der Strom …. Das Wort
    besitzt eine enge, eine weite, eine innere und eine äußere Bedeutung…
    DAS war mir auch wieder eine Überlegung wert, danke, lieber William…

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