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Living Script

I thought I’d write a little something, and was about to begin, when I saw an ant climbing the computer screen. It was beautiful, a bit of living script on a blank white page. As gently as I could, I picked it up, carried it to the door, took it outside, and let it crawl from my fingertip onto the step. And so now I’ve done two things: I’ve helped an ant, and I’ve written a little something. I suppose it’s a funny thing to commit to print. On the other hand, it was probably very unsettling for the ant, which was no doubt already puzzled enough finding itself where it was — a feeling I often share myself.


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  1. For long hours, when I was a child, I remained to observe the ants.
    I was simply impressed by their world.
    When spring comes, and someone appears, I start following it and I am always amazed. I speak to them.
    The animal is like a window that opens in ourselves…
    Thank you, William, for this shared moment.
    Have a nice day.

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  2. I am touched by your soul, William. Thank you so much for being a window into this world. My deep and warm friendships. love to you.

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  3. The man, the ant, and the consequential words. Something doesn’t come from nothing. 🙂

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  4. J’apprécie vraiment beaucoup votre écriture ! Merci beaucoup / I really appreciate your writing! Thank you very much

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