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The Life I Live

Is the life I’m living — here, now, today — truly worth sharing?

And when it ends, will it be worth passing on?

If it is, let this be my last will and testament:

Blessed with this experience, I bid you love your own.


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  1. A beautiful parting wisdom. That’s true wealth. 🙂

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    • Something I hope comes through is that if, for whatever reason, one answers in the negative, it’s always possible to change. Or, to put it another way, our daily life is our greatest legacy. Thanks, always, Terveen, for your thoughtful, kind words.

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  2. Long may your words linger, William. Your last testament to a life well lived. Let’s also hope you have many more words to write.

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  3. Ja, lieber Freund, von dir ist alles wert, geteilt zu werden, zu bleiben für alle, die das Geteilte aufgenommen haben, ein stückweit mit gelebt haben…
    Herzlichst, Edith

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