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Not You

Is this really a certain day, of a certain month, in a certain year? Perhaps, if that is what one believes. And yet, it has been shown that one can, and will, believe anything — for instance, that peace and joy are a destination that can be arrived at through the intellect, when it is clear that those who choose to do battle on those grounds wear themselves out searching, despite their expertise, and whatever their field of knowledge. Knowledge is useful, but it is like one more pretty dress or handsome suit of clothes. And already, as it is, many of our loved ones are buried that way — wrapped in their knowledge, wearing a frown. Not you, though — not you, because you understand that this moment is the only moment there is, and that this is where peace is, and joy, and that you can either embrace and embody them now, or suffer on by wrestling with the same thoughts and fears you have struggled with all of your life. You can be the one who smiles and surrenders, and who lives in such a way that others can, when they are ready, see how it is done.

December 31, 2021


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