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Unplanned, Unrehearsed

For adventure, I need look no further than the changes in my body. I’m happy and fortunate it’s willing to have me along.

Even my most basic habits need to be reexamined occasionally and held up to the light. Practical and beneficial as they may be, they all have the potential of becoming dead weight. In essence, they really shouldn’t be habits at all, but ideal, spontaneous acts born of the moment. This requires I be alive, alert, aware, sensitive to everything in and around me.

A sudden downpour. Unplanned, unrehearsed — a perfect performance.

A large glass mug filled with warm water, mixed with a teaspoon of raw local honey and the juice and pulp of half an organic lemon — if I were ill, I wouldn’t be for long. Or I might be ill in some way yet to reveal itself. Some would suggest that’s already happened.

October 6, 2021


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