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What is Wisdom?

Australopithecus afarensis. Homo habilis. Homo erectus. Homo sapiens. What is generally referred to as ancient wisdom is of such recent vintage, that one can only begin to wonder what wisdom really is. And, biologically speaking, when, and where, and how, did the soul creep in? Was it present in the man-apes with brains the size of those in chimpanzees? Did God say — each word requiring millions of years to utter — habilis — no, ah, erectus — no, what I mean is, sapiensyou are in my image — you are the chosen ones?

Born in captivity as we now are, almost entirely cut off from what is left of our natural surroundings — the surroundings which gave rise to the ever-expanding brains of habilis, erectus, and sapiens and in which they developed — it seems that in terms of wisdom we are quite possibly grabbing at straws.

Knowledge, of course, is another matter. Much has been learned, and much is known by our kind — else how could we, in a matter of just a few years, have nearly destroyed our precious environment?

Ah, but maybe, just maybe, there is another heaven . . .

July 30, 2021


What is Wisdom?

And what is wisdom, but the hole in one’s roof, at the advent of dawn?

Recently Banned Literature, November 5, 2016
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