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If You Would Have

It’s been a week and a half since I’ve worn socks and shoes, and even then I had them on for only an hour. I’ve also not worn full-length pants since then. I’ve written in shorts, I’ve made soup and salad in shorts, I’ve tended the garden in shorts, I’ve walked by the river in shorts, and I’ve bought berries in shorts. And yet prior to this summer, wearing shorts is something I haven’t done in a great many years, probably since I was in school. None of this is important; I think it’s just another sign of my not-so-gradual return to the elements, as if the less I’m wearing, the easier I will be to dispose of. As it stands, I have no intention of being buried in a coat and tie. A simple shroud will do, a sheet, a bit of material, a hammock, a sling, a sail. Let mine be a natural burial, a green burial, free of chemicals, that this lumpy old carcass may quickly melt in the welcoming arms of its dear old mother.

July 10, 2021. Evening.


If You Would Have

If you would have it revealed,
keep it from view.

If you would have it hidden,
show it to the world.

If you would have me, love,
lay your ax to my roots.

Recently Banned Literature, August 14, 2016


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