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River Notes

Creeping thistle in full flower, arranged in a honeyed, aromatic bank several yards deep and many yards long; an eruption of tansy, not yet in bloom; wild carrots; birdsfoot trefoil.

Seven rabbits, one so small its fur is coarse and looks as if it has just been licked for school by its mother.

Several instances of deer scat, some containing cherry pits.

A week and a heat wave after noticing the intense stink of a dead animal and meeting with a vulture, only a very slight smell remains.

On the trail, a deeply tanned bald man with a full graying beard about four inches long looks at mine, smiles, and says, “Someday.” My encouraging reply: “Keep going.” Laughter behind.

A warm day ahead: the morning atmosphere still cool, but the sun warm on bare legs and feet in sandals, the toes damp from starched dewy grasses.

Straw hats. No sound yet from the ferry.

July 3, 2021


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