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Ocean Spray, Chicory, Thyme

Found blooming along the path on the Goose Lake trail: ocean spray, chicory, and thyme; also daisies, blackberries, clover, and St. John’s wort.

Barefoot a quarter-mile, upon an old maiden aunt’s carpet of drying grasses. The sound of bees in her parlor, made by a swarm in the largest of the black walnut trees near the old Mission cottonwood. Or is it her tea kettle?

Just past the cottonwood, the intense, nigh-overwhelming stink of what must have been a very large dead animal. A vulture, disturbed by our voices, flew out of the overgrowth and watched us pass from a dead branch of a nearby tree. We did not investigate.

In the path, a very large maple leaf, there, perhaps, since the late afternoon or evening before.

Ripe cherries.

June 25, 2021. Afternoon.


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