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Sunday Morning as Rain Approached

How to describe the complex scent left behind by yesterday’s rain? First the nose asks the toes. Then they all have a good laugh at the brain.

June 14, 2021


Sunday Morning as Rain Approached

Sunday morning as rain approached,
we walked by the river among snowing cottonwoods.

I inhaled a pound of lint.

Yesterday I heard a girl I grew up with
lost her husband to cancer.

I haven’t seen her since high school
and didn’t know him.

You should have heard them whisper,
the trees along the path,

the girls with their eyes closed,
thinking no one was about.

Summer sorrows and wedding gowns;
the far-off taste of lips.

The way back is longer than we remember.
We cross it in a breath.

Recently Banned Literature, June 14, 2011


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