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Pas de deux

Coinciding with the arrival of this year’s first hot weather, the grass seed fields are in bloom. The pollen is nigh overwhelming. It’s as if paradise, suddenly aware of herself, has put on too much perfume. She goes to her first dance, where she meets the boy of her dreams. And he’s wearing too much cologne. Everyone in the school cafeteria is sneezing. The band plays on. Later, at home, their clothes go straight into the wash.

“What on earth were you doing tonight? Where were you?”

As if their mothers didn’t know. As if they don’t remember. But they do.

“Your father will have something to say about this.”

He smiles in the other room. Then, despite herself, she smiles too.

June 1, 2021


Pas de deux

Granted the inexpressible
see how we dance

our lives
a way

to express
what remains

Recently Banned Literature, January 9, 2015


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