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Around the Bend

A return to the Goose Lake trail, the bees humming, the chamomile deeper, the buttercups and blackberries in bloom. Barefoot for half a mile.

While looking at our young cucumber plants, I was visited by a hummingbird, which paused in the air within three feet of me, long enough to say hello.

Olive oil is the skin lotion I use.

In my life I have planted one olive tree, which we left behind on the farm. I also planted a lemon tree. It started producing almost immediately. For a time, the first thing I did in the morning was eat a lemon. The variety was Eureka. A fitting name.

A small eucalyptus grove. A pomegranate. A Black Mission fig. Boysenberries. Honeysuckle. Lilacs. Poplars. Muscat vines.

The weather is beginning to warm. At dawn, I sprinkled water on the strawberries, a few of which are starting to color.

May 29, 2021


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