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Canvas 990 — The Finger Sketches

We are the only beings intelligent enough to drug ourselves, poison our food, wear synthetic shoes, stay indoors, and breathe foul, recycled air. Poor birds! Poor animals! Poor dumb creatures everywhere!

March 22, 2021

Canvas 990

August 6, 2017


The Finger Sketches

The finger sketches. The thumb hums along. Suddenly the thumb stops. What is wrong? The finger stretches. Is it the palm? The breath catches. The mind fetches. What is the name of that song? Where has it gone? Read well. Read on. School bell. Bright sun. Life in the afternoon. For whom the ball rolls. Home run. Run home. Take off your shoes. The dream watches. The spirit touches. The river rushes. The door latches, the eye lashes, the knee patches your mother has sewn.

Recently Banned Literature, May 8, 2018


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