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Eyes as Windows

There is a mist now, softly falling, saying, Distance, dear one, is something you’ve imagined. People, things, mountains — peace, justice, joy — love, enlightenment — all are as immediate as these kisses I weave upon your face. What are miles, but a place to leave your burden beside the road? What is time, but an awkward counting towards the end of fear? And what is enlightenment, but needless proof that we are here? Come now, return my embrace! For grace alone I will not bear.

“There is a Mist”
Recently Banned Literature, March 8, 2017


Eyes as Windows

When these grand heavens first felt their need, I know not;
that eyes, as windows, should open and close at their behest and trust,
ancient then as now do ours; sight, spiritual; bones, as so much dust;
sails the wind through wild forests springing, yields both to touch;
as the first dove seeks mate to love; I know not but to bow,
and kneel, and shout; open, shut, ’t is not my will,
nor the grace that comes to fill yours,
these windows still, now waking;
or how the sun comes up,
the other stars quiet
but not forsaking;
I know not,

only that I find them waiting.

Recently Banned Literature, December 26, 2015


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