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Light In Your Body

Observe, listen to your body. It always speaks the truth, sometimes loudly, sometimes softly. In every muscle, wrinkle, and cell, it shows, demonstrates, reminds, proves. The mind is a storyteller. The body is the story’s meaning revealed. The mind says, I need coffee, I need pills, I need eight hours of sleep, I need gravy, I need meat. The body replies with aches and pains. It gives you clouds. It brings you grief. Observe, listen to your body. Be kind. Move it, bend it, stretch it, fill its lungs, grant it the simple clean fuel it needs. Do not eat with your identity, your memory, your ego. Tradition, religion, and habit are of the mind. The body says, If we work together, we can both be free. Observe, listen to your body. It is a glorious machine. Do not drag it behind you. Let it carry you, let it walk ahead. It knows the way.

February 7, 2021


Light In Your Body

light in your body

no trace upon the ground

light in your body

a lamp that love has found

Recently Banned Literature, September 7, 2016


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