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One Minute, Two, a Lifetime, the World

One habit to the next without rest, each with its pretty colored shell — see them on the mantelpiece, and there upon your brow — but when you thirst, love, oh! — seek a deeper well!

“When You Thirst”
Recently Banned Literature, January 7, 2018


One Minute, Two, a Lifetime, the World

I think one of the most revolutionary, transformative acts we can undertake, is to set aside a moment during which we do not criticize anything or anyone, including ourselves. Criticize no husband, no wife, no child, no acquaintance, or friend. Criticize no politician, no religious leader, no organization, no criminal, no celebrity, no teacher. Criticize no form of employment, no way of life, no sexual orientation, no perceived shortcoming. Do not even criticize the weather. See if you can do it. See if you can let go of that deadly old habit, and with it the familiar illusions of superiority and inferiority, failure and success, long held so dear, and then feel those undermining elements within you subside. It is not strength and resistance we need most in this life, but to learn the art of acceptance and letting go. One minute, two, a lifetime, the world. Love, help, and a positive sense, are sweet, essential nourishment.

Recently Banned Literature, November 4, 2015


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