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Isn’t it revealing that we say time passes, when it is really we who pass? The heron we saw two mornings ago standing motionless at water’s edge — what need has he of time? What need has anything? What need the mountains, the rivers, the trees, the stars, the moon? Time is a drug we take in frequent small doses. It isn’t required for our health or survival, yet we are so addicted to the idea of it that we seldom, if ever, ponder its validity. And so we say that it takes time to learn, or that it takes time for water to boil. But water boils at a certain temperature, according to its natural properties. It only seems to take time when we are waiting for the temperature to rise to its boiling point. Likewise, learning is a process. In infancy and childhood, as the brain is developing and new connections are being formed, the process is rapid. In adulthood, the process is slower. Young or old, the process isn’t dependent on time. It carries on as it must for the way we humans are made. It varies from one person to another according to our individual wiring and circumstances. It’s also affected by things such as diet and disease. And there are other factors: curiosity, fear, belief. When we tell ourselves we have much time to live, or just a little, that is the drug speaking. We’ve been taking it all our lives. We don’t know what we would think or how we would feel without it. We are afraid to find out. Without thinking, we take another dose.

December 7, 2020


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