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Many Are Called

There remains the possibility, however slight, that even I, who live a very private, quiet life, might be destined to fulfill some kind of public role — public, that is, beyond these poems, notes, and drawings. Throughout history, there have been instances in which individuals have arisen from the common mass, as it were, seemingly coming out of nowhere, often even against their own personal desire or will, with some kind of lesson to teach or message to bear. In that regard, it is clear thus far that I have not been needed; or maybe I am simply not qualified, or ready, and never will be. I certainly do not seek a public role. The truth is, I seek no role. I am content to be no one. I like being unknown.


Many Are Called

It seems to me, that by the time it reaches the ground,
a snowflake must live a thousand lives,
each with its own sweet childhood.

And it seems to me, that by the time it melts,
we have done the same.

And when the melting’s done,
we’re off in flight again.

So close your eyes.

It’s no crime to be at peace with this world.

Love isn’t a fool’s errand.

Live and speak the truth, but always remember,
there is nothing noble in your anger.

A calm, quiet, private decision is all that’s needed,
and then see if there is not a revolution.

Recently Banned Literature, February 19, 2018


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