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Body, Breath, and Bones

Does my life matter? I am part of life. If life matters, I matter. If life does not matter, I do not matter. Either way, I live: I am part of the miracle, even if it is not a miracle. The rest — the years, the words, the little personal details — is simply my way of saying how beautiful life seems to me. It would be self-centered to assume more; abusive of the body, breath, and bones I have been given if I were to claim certainty one way or the other. I could be right; I could be wrong; but saying so would not make it so. The sweet sound of your voice; the sparkle in your eyes — do they matter? Again, I do not know. For me they are enough in and of themselves. Does our brief time here together matter? Maybe not. Maybe so. If not now, maybe later on it will. How I love your smile.

October 13, 2020


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