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In Memory of Laura Tedeschi

I read today of the passing of the artist Laura Tedeschi. She died April 4, 2018. I didn’t know. In 2010, Laura surprised me by painting my portrait. Quite by chance, after she’d shared it online, it arrived from Vienna on my birthday. On the back of the frame, Laura had written, “Lo Scrittore,” along with my name. The painting has been on display here in my library and work space ever since. The online image can be seen in the large footer area at the bottom of every page. I’ve added the years of her birth and death. She was forty-nine. Included with this entry is a photo I took upon the painting’s arrival in Oregon. Laura was such a gracious person. My old blog is full of her enthusiastic, kind, supportive comments, as are the blogs of many of us who were active in those days. An image search on her name, followed by the word artist, will be amply rewarded.

September 1, 2020


Lo Scrittore — 2010
by Laura Tedeschi (1968-2018)


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