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Call and Response

Things are exactly as they should be — as they must be — all is simply a matter of natural, inevitable succession, as fluid as a river, with the river’s twists and turns — none are right or wrong, better or worse — the river is acting according to its nature, and is fulfilling itself at its own timeless pace, heedless of the sluices and dams in our thinking. Hold it back a thousand years, then remove the dams, and the river picks up where it left off, without one thought or concern about time wasted, or mission thwarted, or having its petty revenge. And we are exactly as we should be, and must be. As a species we may not survive. But if we do — if enough of us learn to understand and care beyond our fear and greed, and to love, appreciate, and surrender to the beauty of this miraculous, eternal moment — that, too, will be exactly as it should be. Even the sun — will die — we know this. Imagine being angry at, or frustrated with, such an obvious fact. Its energy will be absorbed and reused by the universe, just as ours is when we come to our individual ends — As it should be. As it must be. As it is — as it seems, too, in this dream — where the river bends.

February 27, 2020

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