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Give Us This Day

At the table — linen napkins, fine crystal — flesh to recall cave times.

Dancing lambs in a sunny field — mothers cry to daffodils.

Home from the war — in a coffin — in the night — whippoorwills.

Give Us This Day

The house on the hill
has a song behind its door

each morning someone
lets it out out of kindness

the song flaps up to the roof
and looks demented

and ruffled and it hasn’t
tried to fly away

for a long long time
neither has the poor soul

who lives there
who opens the door

and says pshh
what are wings for

just as I’m coming their way
our father who art in

heaven give us this day
and then they go back again

and I dream on
furiously waving my arms

Songs and Letters, May 27, 2008

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