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And What Is This Earth Ship

Back to the falls — but not the same falls, no; never have we seen the water rushing so madly; never have we heard it thundering so loudly on the rocks below; the creek in torrent, fed by laughing streams dancing across the path on one side, and spilling over ferns, moss, rocks, and downed branches on the other; a dusting of snow all around; the temperature about thirty-five degrees; sunlight striking the whitened tops of the firs; mist down below; hillsides and overhangs dripping and seeping; and everywhere, in everything, joy. Clearly, all is living in this world. The idea of death is narrow, limited, short-sighted, based on fear. A single, simple lungful of air demolishes any theory of isolation and separateness. There is but one organism, and it is timeless, vital, alive, ever new, in flesh, fur, fossil, and rainbow. Call it earth; call it god; call it peace; call it illusion; call it imagination; call it dream; call it anything that satisfies your soul; call it love; call it home.

January 10, 2020

And What Is This Earth Ship

And what is this earth ship but a way
to ply her fragrant strands of hair,
and hear her voice, and meet her there?

Recently Banned Literature, January 10, 2017

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