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Ten Years

Just before waking this morning, I saw an old friend who died in 2010.
We were in a used bookstore. I said, “Were you asleep?”
And he said, “The truth is, I’ve been sleeping far too much lately.”

Recently Banned Literature, January 5, 2013

Ten Years

Whether they return in the flesh or as memory, old friends often have a ghostly, disorienting way about them — especially those who are surprised that you’ve changed, and look on that change as a kind of betrayal. But the truth is, the journeys we’re on can’t always be made together. Some of us prefer to stop where we’ve settled, or simply fear to move on. Others have moved on — and this includes those who have left this realm, as a particular friend of mine did on this day ten years ago. But he wouldn’t be surprised at my change; he would be downright amused by it — unless he, too, is no longer as I remember him.

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