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Fall Questions

Is it confidence, or arrogance? If we are honest with ourselves and with others, if we are doing our best at whatever our work happens to be at the moment, if we are grateful and attentive and enjoying the health that sacred, lucky combination brings, why would we also need to feel confident, as if we hold, or are seeking, some advantage? Is it because confidence is universally praised, and its perceived opposite is condemned? But the very act of praising and condemning — is that not arrogant itself? Why would we submit to that kind of judgment? Are we here in this world to be praised and condemned, to be shaped and scolded and driven to perform? Can we only be whole with the approval and disapproval of others? How can our worth and place in this world depend on such flimsy evidence?

Fall Questions

This old graveyard is full of leaves.
Which ones failed?
Which lived well?
No one asks. Who can tell?

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