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Rural Route

We will leave early this morning for another long walk at Silver Falls. But the countryside we will drive through to get there is every bit as beautiful in its own way, and as worth walking, except that the walking would have to be done on roads. And so, that we may see one beautiful place, roads take us through other beautiful places, while keeping us apart from them. And yet speeding along and viewing the world as a dream and a blur is its own kind of beauty. Still I wonder — how has a lifetime of this reality conditioned my perception of the world? How different is my thinking from that of others who did not, or do not, know conveyances and roads? Maybe the answer lies in my sweet childhood.

August 14, 2019

Rural Route

White birches,
or are they widows

at the well?

Dusk comes so soon.

Songs and Letters, December 29, 2008

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