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Blueberries Two

We’ve heard a number of times that a solitary blueberry bush won’t produce fruit on its own, that at least one other must be growing and blooming nearby to ensure pollination. And yet we have one plant and it produces fruit, and the nearest others that we’re aware of are hundreds of feet away at a house one street to the south and two houses to the west, with structures, fences, and fir trees between them. Are they even aware of each other’s presence? Possibly. Are they aware of ours? Do we unwittingly carry their love notes back and forth in our hair and on our clothes? Whatever the answer, the berries on our plant this year are some of the largest we’ve seen, even though they are only partially ripe and nowhere near as blue as they will be.

She says tiger swallowtail, and her childhood runs off to play with mine.

June 28, 2019

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