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You Think You Know Yourself

The assumption that it’s difficult is what makes it so.
But then, so does any assumption at all.

You Think You Know Yourself

You think you know yourself — then comes a word,
a phrase, a night, a moon, an oak in rust on a time-worn hill,
leaves, twigs, and cloud-debris, horseless riders faceless
until they swing right in front of you — did you dream
them or did they dream you? — swing by their necks,
smiling, still — and you look down at your hands,
at the flowers they hold, rainbows, lanterns,
beads, gold, at a train passing through
impossible views — at your breath
in the cold, at your age and its
clues — and find, yes,
find, that you

Recently Banned Literature, October 1, 2014

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