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It is a petty kingdom that engenders fear and commands respect. It is a peaceful one that encourages hope, and acts with love. And that these kingdoms exist in the mind and heart, is what must first be understood.

“Of Kingdoms”
Recently Banned Literature, February 26, 2018


Isn’t the news something these days? isn’t it always?
wasn’t it when we were kids, and wasn’t it when we came of age?
and just as it’s something, isn’t it nothing, a puff of smoke,
mist, a dream, a cloud? especially now that we’re here,
here in the ground, not making a sound?

And these spiders of fall, that work and weave anyway,
and these bees that visit each flower,
and these little children with angels’ hair,
what fear have they for the fate of this world,
what need to fear for its care?

And so, tread softly, now, and be of good cheer!
and isn’t the news something these days?
and isn’t its message quite clear?
that love is so near you can taste it,
and give it, and make it,

My friend, my hope, my heart, my dear?

Recently Banned Literature, August 29, 2017

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