William Michaelian

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Fable Wind

The world ended, but no one told the seed, and it was wild in its imagining.

Fable Wind

All at once
the fable wind
came crashing
at my door.

I let her in
upon her
well-made horse,
a beast with
nostril caves
and sunrise eyes.

They ringing
crossed in
my rocking
ship-deck floor,

The wind’s
long hair
a ripened field
of painted flame.

Ocean mist
caressed her
shoulders bare,
with a thousand
eager lips
that blossomed,
then expired.

Bending low,
she picked
me up to ride.

She cried
my name
on distant hill,
a wild forest
inside a dream.

Close your eyes,
she said,
I’ll take you there.

Songs and Letters, October 11, 2005

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