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The Senses — Two Poems

If each of the senses is a unique form of intelligence, it would be wise to approach them not as if we are their petty dictators, conquerors, or owners, but as witnesses and explorers. Perhaps we would discover the senses are really not many, but one; or maybe we would learn there are more. Or it might be the other way around, and we are the living testimony of their exploration. And if we are senses ourselves? What might we reveal to those curious enough to be kind?

Sense and Non

Yesterday, while raking leaves, I thought,
The senses are open doors the mind walks through;
And then I thought, The mind itself is a sense;
Thus the pile grew; And the world I know,
I dwelt on, and in, Is a sense, too;
And that sense is kind,
To bide the like
Of you.

Recently Banned Literature, November 25, 2014



These Senses

Oh, these senses,
which conspire in the night
to make me human,

if they only knew what I did,
when I dream my way
through them.

Recently Banned Literature, June 16, 2014

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