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A Man With a Hammer

The entire range of our emotions and activities, the worlds dreamt, built, and destroyed, the wars fought and the sublime accomplishments — is it not all true to our species? And is it not also true that if we survive, we may one day outgrow our cosmic, troubled youth? Would it not be just as true to our kind to live in peace in a world without borders, nations, and flags? A great many of us already do and are willing, according to the testimony of our daily lives.

If we are careful about the food we eat, then it is only natural to be careful about the sounds and images we consume. If I flood my mind with television violence, and the flashing din of news and politics, I flood my body also. If I feed my body breeze and birdsong, my mind is wholesomely nourished thereby.

Once there was a man with a hammer. When he was young, he approached each nail as an adversary. By the time he was forty, he was old. Little by little, he came to see nails as friends. By the time he was sixty, he was young again. Now he is eighty, and in his hand is another hand.

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