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Silence Best Describes the Circle

It’s been years since I’ve taken a pill of any kind. In my experience, pills, particularly those meant to lessen or drive away pain, create their own set of conditions and demands, until they finally cause more pain than suggested them in the first place, as well as other side effects. And so now, if I happen to hurt, I simply go on about my business. I do my work, I take care of my daily chores, I walk, and I let nature take its course. In doing so, I find the pain is easily explained, and that it leaves sooner, and after it’s gone my system is still clean and free from the other effects of the drug.

If I live to my next birthday, I will be sixty-three.

I feel better now than I did ten or twenty years ago. I’m stronger, and I have more energy. I enjoy being older. I wouldn’t want to be ten or twenty years younger. And yet it might be that I am, and that a month or year from now I will be eighty-three. Surely, on many days, I must be all.

Silence Best Describes the Circle

Attention, you know, is love,
and silence best describes the circle

of these cherry blossoms,
and the old man watching
with his idle broom;

we need beg nothing new;

how we live what we imagine,
and treasure the days,

and see the old man through
becomes our age,

defines the love
we hold true;

and what would you resolve,
there in your room,

when one great circle
holds us all,

blossoms, drifting, too?

Recently Banned Literature, March 16, 2014
Twelve Poems, Poets International

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