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My Next Life

High upon my crooked ladder, cloud in one hand, sun in the other.

“Balancing Act”
Poems, Slightly Used, May 24, 2009

My Next Life

In my next life
I will paint houses
for a living.

I will dip my brush
in a quiet field
beside a stream,
and work
from the roots
of my imagining.

I will paint
not as houses are,
but as they
will someday be,
families sitting
at starlight tables,
friends passing
through misty doors,
neighbors smiling
in lemon sun,
sharing the harvest
of wonder’s toil.

When day is done,
I will walk alone
in painted hills
above the town
and find a place
to sleep.

I will lay me down
in cradle deep
of silken leaves
and feathered miles,
then paint a dream
of newborn song.

When I wake
night’s melted bough,
my next life
will be the road
I’m on.

Songs and Letters, June 17, 2005

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