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Narrow Road

Yesterday morning, the snow around North Falls posed no problem, but the ice formed by traffic on the hiking paths most certainly did. And so, after a bit of skating, we got back into the car and drove on to South Falls. Conditions there were much better. A little less altitude and a little more sun made all the difference. The paths were mostly bare. We had no trouble walking down into the canyon and alongside the rushing stream where it laughs its way from South Falls to Lower South Falls, about a mile. The temperature was already around fifty, the sky was clear, and many people were out, including young families with their wide-eyed little babies bouncing along and absorbing it all. This time of year, there are tiny falls everywhere that are dry in summer. Some are close enough to touch. And those that aren’t, touch us with their sparkle and spray. All the time we were out, we were immersed in the sound of rushing water.

March 17, 2019

Narrow Road

The long path
by the waterfall

fifty-five years
to see these flowers

Recently Banned Literature, July 28, 2011

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