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I Find the Stone

Does a stone in a river resist the current? Or does it let the water wash over and around it and work its will? And when there is drought and the bed is dry, does the stone hide from the scorching sun?

Now, if you say a stone simply sits there and that it has no consciousness and therefore no awareness or choice, does that change anything? Does your statement make you a little more, or a little less, like the stone?

And are you resisting anything now? Are you resisting me? Are you resisting the stone? Are you resisting the current? Are you resisting yourself?

I Find the Stone

I find the stone is not cold, it is warm,
it is moist, she is bold,

And her voice is a thrill.

I find the stone is soft, not hard, it is flight,
it is song, it is word,

And I rejoice in the world.

Recently Banned Literature, February 17, 2017

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