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Wild Flowers Imagine the Rain

I suppose it would not be far from the truth if I were also to refer to this growing collection of oddities and notes as my papers, because I am definitely proceeding with the idea that everything that ever was and will be of lasting importance to me can be found in these pages. Each department is its own neatly labeled crate of material. All that’s missing, really, is a sample of my handwriting, and photographs of objects that hold meaning for me, humorous or otherwise, such as the sock my nephew left behind when he was here years ago, or the lamb bone an old high school friend gave me when he was working as a butcher at one of our hometown grocery stores shortly after graduating from high school, or printed samples of a poem I once wrote on commission to commemorate a celebration of personal accomplishment and long friendship. But what’s interesting to note here and now, is the way this shows how physically real this place is to me. Whether this indicates weakness in my thinking, strength, or both, is a matter of conjecture. I certainly don’t expect anything I do or have done to last forever. Time and tide will have their way. Until then, I’m still a boy drawing in the dust with a stick behind the barn, and making designs and castles in the sand to the roar of the surf. I’m still the grown man who loves antiquity, decay, and ruin. And so these papers might just as easily be thought of as relic, cemetery, or rusted old plow, among weeds and wildflowers.

Wild Flowers Imagine the Rain

While on
his journey,
a young man asks
how he should live.

A wise man replies,
live life the dream
not as dreamer,
but the dreamed.

Then he dies,
and from
the mountain
his spirit departs.

Comes the wind,
the rain, the snow,
the granite’s
ancient lust for stars.

Sings yearning
like an arrow
on its pathway
to the heart.

Upon the slope,
sunlight’s riddle
of sweetly
marrowed bones.

A field ripens
down below,
abundant grain
for empty palms.

Songs and Letters, February 6, 2006

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