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Long Time to Know

Could there be anything more arrogant and absurd than thinking I have someone, or many, in the palm of my hand, that he, she, or they, are under my influence and at my command? Could there be anything more self-crippling, isolating, and sad than the need to be someone at such a tragic expense? Would it not be better to be a tree in the wind, a survivor of sixty-two winters, with a trunk that loves hands?

Long Time to Know

It took him a long time to know
that was a lullaby those trees were singing

but by then the bells were ringing
and they said, “Time for him to go!”

And the hearse at the curb
was the blackest thing he’d ever seen

even though those eyes of his
were closed

those eyes of his
were closed.

Poems, Slightly Used, April 14, 2009

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