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Man in Black

If I were planning to be away from home for a long time, I would close the doors and windows, make sure the lights and stove were off, and stop delivery of the mail. I would not plant anything that needed water or attention to survive. It strikes me, though, that with this journal and writing space and place for drawings, I’m doing just the opposite. Expecting to be called away and never to return, I’m leaving all of the doors and windows open. The rest is imagined — the stairways into clouds, the dry grass on the floor and moss on the window sills, the varying seasons and reasons from room to room, the chance meetings with loved ones and strangers who are each and every one yourself.

Man in Black

Someday on the street,
I will meet a man in black.
He will smile knowingly,
then continue on.

When we turn around,
I will see the man is me.
And he will wonder
where I’ve gone.

Songs and Letters, December 15, 2006

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