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Daylight Journal

There’s an abiding sense that this work will occupy me for the rest of my life, and I can’t help but smile at the meaningful, meaningless, childish pleasure it brings. But there’s no urgency in knowing the process can be interrupted or ended at any moment. What could be more beautiful and natural than a man struck down mid-sentence in a state of dream and delight, or realizing his life is the private journal of a very public diary?

Daylight Journal

This is a daylight journal
with twilight looking in,
a crush of stars waiting
behind a full moon.

I saw it rising yesterday
as I was coming home,
a web of naked maples
making lines upon its face.

Heavy it was and yellow,
birthed of the cold Cascades,
framed by the quiet street
so black beneath my feet,
lined with dark-eyed houses,
brittle shades, and eaves.

Such ripe fruit overhead:
it fit inside my hand,
my palm held up to see,
light showing through
my veins and fingers:
first rose, then velvet,
like so many other dreams.

Songs and Letters, December 17, 2005
Winter Poems, Cosmopsis Books, 2007

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