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Knowledge and Doubt

It’s true that in terms of my past, I have not written about everything. And it’s just as true that I have. I might not have written about this or that directly. But what I have learned from my puny struggles in life sheds light on what I do write about, and ultimately choose to preserve. The challenges, incidents, and embarrassments are all well represented. And this is not a clever way of hiding from myself or anyone else the possibility that I am afraid to write about some things. I am not. I have faced them all in turn, examined and re-examined them, and had my private reckoning. But in writing about them, some very basic rules must be observed. One is that anyone directly affected who is still living must not be hurt. Another is that the writing must have what I feel is value, or potential value, for the reader. And it must have value for me. Self-absorbed confessions are a dime a dozen. They are as common as cheap public arguments, social media outbursts, and cell phone performances. Revelations, though, are rare. It’s like the difference between garish artificial lighting and sunlight, starlight, candlelight, or moonlight. Where is one more apt to be inspired and to learn — in an antiseptic room, or out among the shadows and colors and shades? Finally, the very act of writing must be one of gratitude and love. Knowledge and understanding are not possessions or clubs. They are not tools of persuasion. They are a blessing. They are a reason for children. They are wealth held in common, and common ground.

Knowledge and Doubt

Knowledge and doubt

two crickets make a symphony

a field is the note

a tree is down

a spring is at its root

Recently Banned Literature, May 24, 2015

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