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Almost the Same

If this is a book I’m putting together, it’s already the length of a short novel — this in the space of a little more than five months. As meaningless as things like these are, I find them quite interesting. My first novel, A Listening Thing, was written in ninety days. And if I remember correctly, my second novel, The Smiling Eyes of Children, was written in fifty-four. These are not long works; each rings in at around 66,000 words. But of course length and magnitude can, should, and indeed must be measured in other ways. As we’ve seen, an entire philosophy and lifetime can be expressed in a few lucky or carefully chosen syllables.

Almost the Same

Can you imagine this page
as a leaf in your hand?
I can: the lines are veins,
and the spaces between
flame and recede in the light.

Now look at your palm:
so different,
it is almost the same.

Where has it been?
What does it know?
How long before it fades?

Songs and Letters, November 17, 2006
Another Song I Know, Cosmopsis Books, 2007

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