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With November upon us, I thought I would point to November 2016: Poems and Passages, an entry I posted in Essays and Collections not long after launching this website. It was hardly noticed at the time, and I think that the few who did see it were probably put off by its overall length. But the individual entries it contains are quite brief, with the exception of one or two thought pieces, and even those take only a minute or two to read. Also, each entry is followed by the date it was written, making the page easy enough to return to as the month wears on — if you are interested. If not, well, then, kindly disregard this note — except to say, the purpose of the page is explained in the introduction. And now on to “Questions,” which was written before this preface sprang to mind, and which I find somehow beautifully applies:



If I write I love you on a tiny piece of paper, and then bury it under an old oak tree or beside a lonesome road, will my message reach the one for whom it is intended? By my imagined, remembered, dreamed, lived experience, it will. And what if I write the same to everyone, and especially to you, as I am now? And what if the oak is your heart, and I am the road? And what if this image is really the earth at your feet on your side of the world?

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