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In Confidence

Based on what I’ve salvaged here thus far, it would be easy to draw a number of conclusions about me; however, I advise against it, even if they seem obvious or reasonable, and even if you’ve known me for years, as a brave handful of friends and readers have. I do not say that you don’t know me; I say, rather, that there is much more to know. What I’m not saying is that it’s important. What’s important is that you know yourself, which is, of course, what I’ve been preaching all along. I call it writing, art, and poetry because it is. And while on some days and in some ways that is more than enough, I must also live with it and be responsible for it, with all the comedy and complexity that infers. You, at least, can turn the page or click your way out of here, perhaps to some other dimension where your ego is bathed in starlight and your thoughts are echoed by like minds who tremble in your presence, until they turn the page and click their way to parts and dreams unknown. In other words, assume nothing, about anyone. Most of all, don’t assume yourself.

In Confidence

The same dream
over and over

a crazy woman
giving me a candle

then one night
I realize

I’m not dreaming
it’s the crazy woman

who’s dreaming
and she’s given me

her last candle
and she says now

what will I do
will you help me

and then she turns
into a candle

and that explains
these burns

on my face
on my hands

on my arms

Poems, Slightly Used, December 2, 2008

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